Boys’ Brigade Companies are entirely run by volunteers who give up a not inconsiderable amount of time to work with children and young people.

Those leaders described as Officers have a Christian commitment and feel they have a calling to teach young people the Christian way of life. They generally take on the greatest responsibility in running a Company.

Helpers or Instructors are leaders who generally do not wish to take on the same responsibilities as Officers, but who are in sympathy with  Christianity or have a Christian commitment themselves. They provide invaluable assistance in ensuring a Company provides a safe and fun programme of activities.

More information on what it takes to be an Officer or helper can be found by following the links below.

What it takes to be an Officer in the Boys Brigade

What it means to be a helper or instructor in a Boys’ Brigade Company

Child Protection

Though we wish to provide children and young people with a wide range of fun and rewarding experiences during their time in the Boys’ Brigade, Child Protection is taken seriously. Everyone working with children/young people is required to undergo an Enhanced Disclosure through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). The check will be carried out by the Boys’ Brigade and/or Church. Until this is completed, all contact with young people is supervised by qualified members of staff.