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The District provides a wide range of training opportunities, both for Officers and young people working towards President’s and Queen’s Badges. The courses are delivered by nationally trained Brigade Training Officers and Tutors. Though some courses are organised by the District, a number of Battalion courses are open to Officers from other Battalions.

Enquiries regarding training can be emailed to our District Secretary.

If you would like to request a training course for your Company or Battalion then please do so by contacting the District Secretary.

The courses are held in a variety of locations around the District, ranging from Church Halls to Activity Centres.

Courses include essential training in working with children and young people, such as:

  • Youth Leader Training (YLT) for all adults wishing to become Officers in the Boys’ Brigade;
  • Module 8 of the YLT training programme specialising in Child Protection;
  • Captains courses for those taking on the responsibility of a Company Captain or Sectional Leader.

The District also offers other essential courses for organising particular outdoor activities, these are:

  • Holiday Leadership, necessary for anyone wanting to include overnight stays, camps etc. into thier Company Programme;
  • Campcraft, which is required for all camping trips (NB the District organised course only takes place every two years); and,
  • Basic Expedition and Outdoor Leadership, for Officers who wish to train young people in the skills needed for safe walking in the great outdoors (NB this certificate does not allow the holder to lead unsupervised expeditions).

Other relevant specialised courses offered by the District include:

  • Award Programmes, which includes training in the new Award Schemes which have been introduced in each section.
  • First Aid.
  • Running the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, etc.

The District’s Training Officers will organise courses as required by Companies or Battalions. If you are unable to find a course which suits your needs then the National BB Website has a list of courses taking place around the Country, including Feldon Lodge. Alternatively contact your local Training Convenor who may be able to arrange an appropriate course.